The completion of The Islamic University Gaza training in the Freelancing Skills

The REACH project teams specialized in the three target fields Information and Communication Technology ICT, Translation and Linguistics and Mechanical Engineering joined the online training program presented by the Islamic University Gaza IUG, as part of Work Package3 of the project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education CBHE. REACH project aims to develop the capabilities of Palestinian higher education institutions to enhance the possibility of remote employment of Palestinian graduates. The team that received training in included a group of academics, managers and administrators of alumni centers and business incubators from all of the Palestinian partners.



The Islamic University Gaza IUG provided a training program in topics identified based on the Work Package 1 “training needs assessment”. The team will transfer the experiences gained from the training to the graduates from Palestinian universities in the graduate training program. The training program was distributed over six days, starting on Sunday, September 4, and ending on Thursday, September 15, 2022. The program is scheduled to contain various topics such as History & Definition of Freelancing, Most in-demand technical skills, Type of freelance platforms, What You Need to Start Freelancing, Searching and applying for jobs on and Khamsat, Searching and applying for jobs on, Getting jobs through Social Media, Searching and applying for jobs on



At the end of the training program, Dr. Sadiq Abdelall, REACH project’s manager, thanked all the trainers, trainees and the universities’ administration for their cooperation and providing the desired benefit from the training.