The Project

REACH an Erasmus funded project with (ref.609976-EPP-1-2019-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) under the action of capacity building in the field of Higher Education 2019. Five Palestinian universities and five EU universities, in addition to industry representatives are participating in REACH. The project period starts from November 2019 until November 2022 with the total budget of € 948.112.

Overall Objective

Enhancing the capacity of PHEIs in promoting cross border employability of graduates, providing them with the capabilities for effective cross border working so that they can develop their potential and participate actively in sustainable economic development in Palestine.

Specific Objective

To reinforce PHEIs links with local and international labour markets focusing on cross border work.

To enhance the competence and performance of career centers/alumni units at PHEIs in creating and promoting cross border work employment.

To strengthen graduates’ skills and know-how required for obtaining cross border employment.
Target Groups

The project seeks to target two main groups, namely direct and indirect beneficiaries.

Direct groups are administrative staff, whereas indirect groups are academic staff, students, stakeholders, and policy makers.

  • The administrative staff from 5 different HEIs in Palestine are a direct group/beneficiary of this intervention. The intervention allows the administrative staff to adopt new governance practices, while embracing new values. In addition, this targeted group will strengthen their knowledge and competencies in establishing governance and accountability systems while taking into account the cultural aspect in Palestine.
  • The indirect group includes students, academic staff, stakeholders, and policy makers. These groups will provide input and will be involved during the development phases.