An-Najah Organizes Training Workshop on “Souq Fann” Online Platform

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October 2021

An-Najah Organizes Training Workshop on "Souq Fann" Online Platform


As part of the Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE project: Reinforcing access to cross border employment at Palestinian higher education institutions (REACH), a training workshop about "Souq Fann" online platform was organized by the Career and Alumni Affairs Unit in cooperation with Grants and International Projects Center at ‎An-Najah National University on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

The workshop aimed to introduce the participants to the productivity techniques for freelancers and freelance business through "Souq Fann" online platform, which is an online marketplace for unique and handmade goods. The online platform helps vendors from around the Middle East and North Africa region turn their creativity into a successful business and connect them with customers who are looking for special handmade gifts and goods.

During the workshop, the participants learned more about the benefits and advantages of "Souq Fann" platform for graduates interested in handicrafts. Also, the workshop included discussions on how the platform offers them support in the fields of marketing, training and sales revenue.

It is worth mentioning that REACH is an Erasmus+ EU funded Project. It is implemented by the University's Grants and International Projects Center. REACH aims to enhance the capacity of Palestinian higher education institutions in promoting cross border employability of graduates, and provide them with the capabilities for effective cross border working to enable them to develop their potential and participate actively in sustainable economic development in Palestine.