NEO Visit to The Islamic University – Gaza

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September 2021

NEO Visit to The Islamic University – Gaza


Prof. Dr. Nasser Farhat - President of the Islamic University of Gaza, received Dr. Nidal Al-Jayousi - Director of the Erasmus+ National Office, in the presence of Dr. Khalid Al-Hallaq, Dean of external Affairs, Dr. Hisham Madi - Deputy Dean of external Affairs, Dr. Sadiq Abdelall – REACH Project Manager, Engineer Amani Al-Maqadma - Head of the External Relations Unit, and Ms. Walaa Safi - Head of exchange projects at the university.

Prof. Farhat welcomed Dr. Al-Jayousi, expressing his happiness with this visit aimed at following up the progress and implementation of capacity-building projects implemented at the university. Prof. Farhat praised the nature of the qualitative and important projects offered by the European Erasmus+ program.

Dr. Abdelall, gave a presentation about REACH project, which aims to enhance access to cross-border in Palestinian higher education institutions, which is managed by the Islamic University from 2019 to 2022, and in partnership with Birzeit University, Palestine Polytechnic University, Al-Quds Open University, An-Najah National University and the Society of Women Graduates in Palestine, the European partners are University of Alicante in Spain, Marconi University in Italy, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and Middlesex University in England.

 Dr. Abdelall explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for such a project, which aims primarily to enhance the ability of higher education institutions to enhance the cross-border employment of graduates to enable them to participate in sustainable economic development in the local and international market.