Needs Assessment Questionnaire Analysis Meeting

Needs Assessment Questionnaire Analysis Meeting

As a part of Reinforcing Access to Cross Border Employment at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions [REACH] project co-funded by European Commission under Erasmus + Program, a ZOOM meeting conducted on 11th January 2021.

The meeting started according to the agenda with welcome speech by Dr. Sadiq Abdelall- REACH Coordinator.

The participants were Palestinian partner universities and the Guglielmo Marconi University (USGM) to discuss the best method of analyzing the interview questionnaire of Palestinian graduates and students. Nearly one thousand responses of the questionnaire will be analyzed to identify the following main topics and key findings:

1.Required Skills as Perceived by Graduates and Employers

2.Gap Assessment in WB and Gaza: Skills and Competencies

3.Soft (personal) Skills

4.Freelancing Readiness Skills (Virtual Work Readiness Skills)

5.Information and Communication Technology Skills

6.Engineering Skills

7.English Language and Translation Skills

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